Keep your clients informed of the development of your project


Simple and Intuitive

Clients or investors can communicate with technical managers through internal chat or link to voice call


Access to plans, security legal documentation in downloadable PDF format

Support roles

  In each project, a technical or administrative manager can be assigned to provide customer support.

Tracking and phases

The system allows you to manage project phases and progress monitoring

Access to projects by client

All clients and investors have access to the information of their assigned projects

Notes and images

The technical managers create notes for each follow-up and phases of the work

Update Cients

Clients and investors can see the progress of the project in real time


Automatizando Prcesos

The Buildtracking system allows you to automate all the information flow processes so that clients and investors stay updated on the progress of the projects.

App and Online System

Multiple ways to manage your data through the app and a web system where you can upload and manage all the phases and follow-ups of your projects.

Technical and legal support

Configure administrative and technical agents to give live support to your clients and investors, through chat and access to voice calls.

Legal documentation

You can place at the disposal of your clients plans and all the legal documentation, security of the project in PDF format

Progress in real time

Manage and update the project phases through phases where progress will be indicated with notes, images and completion percentage.

Big Projects

  Manage large projects such as urbanizations, buildings, urbanisms that require a categorization of sub-projects

Proyectos Unifamiliares

You can manage single-family projects such as houses, apartments, space remodeling.


The best for your company

Plans tailored to your needs, taking into account the type of projects developed by the volume of data used and the interaction with your clients and investors.

Complete plan



Per month

Billed Annually.

  • Unlimit big projects
  • Unlimit sub projects 
  • 30GB Igages / Documents
  • Unlimit tracking for projects
  • 10 Master users
  • Unlimit technical / administrative

Medium plan



Per month

Billed Annually.

  • 15 Big projects
  • 50 Sub projects for each projects
  • 9GB Images / Document
  • 20 Tracking for sub projects
  • 4 Maste users
  • 10 Technical / Administrative

Startup plan



Per month

Billed Annually.

  • 12 Single Family Projects
  • 1GB Images / Document
  • 10 Tracking for projects
  • 2 Maste users
  • 4 Technical / Administrative

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